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CE Certificate of Conformity Dir. 93/42 CE
Italian Ministry of Health Register n. 2006513

ITATI® AIR masks are a non-sterile CLASS I MEDICAL DEVICE, made with 3-layer fabric.
The central layer, in polyester filtering TNT, prevents water from penetrating and at the same time allows breathing.
General characteristics of the mask:
- Fabric used: polyester, 3 layers with intermediate polyester filtering TNT
- Washable up to 60°C, up to 50 times
- One size fits all and unisex (with elastic band length adjustment rubber rings)
- The fabrics used meet OEKO-TEX® standards  
- Made in Italy
Technical specifications of the fabric:
- Total weight: 250 g / m2 (+/- 10%)
- Textile composition:
100% Polyester (mask)
77% Polyester + 23% Elastomer (elastic tape)        
Adult size: 17x17x7 cm. Child size: 14x14x6 cm
- Wash before use by first removing the silicone adjustment rings of the laces
- Wash and disinfect the mask daily. The product is machine washable with hot water up to 60°C.
It is advisable to always iron the mask after washing it as ironing allows the filtering TNT layer to be always compact, increasing filtration performance.