€ 14,95


ITATI® face masks AIR are filtering for civil use, made with 3-layer fabric.
The central layer, in polyester filtering TNT, prevents water from penetrating and at the same time allows breathing.
Silicone rings for adjusting the length of the laces.

ITATI® Face Mask Air qualifies as a medical face mask (TYPE I)
in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14683 (breathability requirements, bacterial filtration efficiency, bioburden screening).
Analyzes are underway to obtain UNI EN ISO 10993 certification.

General features of the mask:

- Fabric used: polyester, 3 layers with intermediate polyester filtering TNT
- Washable up to 60°C, up to 50 times.
- Adult size: 17x17x7 cm. Child size: 14x14x6 cm
- Suitable for civil use
- Wash before using it
- The fabrics used meet OEKO-TEX® standards
- Made in Italy

Technical specifications of the fabric:

- Total weight: 250 g/m2 (+/- 10%)

- Textile composition:
100% polyester (mask)
77% polyester + 23% elastomer (elastic tape)

- Differential pressure 13 Pa /cm2 (+/- 15%) (ISO 14683)
- Spray test ≥ 80 (ISO 4920) on the external fabric

CARE/MAINTENANCE - Wash and disinfect the mask daily. The product is machine washable with hot water up to 60°C. It is advisable to iron the mask because, being treated with an anti-drop treatment, ironing increases the performance of the treatment.
The fabric has been treated with AEGIS WR antibacterial therefore no need for high washing temperatures for its disinfection.