€ 37,00


Travel with a smile, travel with ITATI® SuitcaseCover... and give smiles to those who travel with you!! 

With ITATI® SuitcaseCover: 
• You could protect your suitcase without wasting plastic/cellophane (ITATI® SuitcaseCover is eco-friendly!)
• Contrary to the protective cellophane could be remove/re-put by Security Controls to inspect your Baggage 
(perfect if you travel in the USA)
• You could protect your suitcase from the water (it’s waterproof!)
• More easily nd your suitcase on the baggage claim belt 

In high quality material, expandable. Protects your luggage from damage, scratches, dirt and accidental opening. Easy to wash, light but strong. 

• SMALL (for suitcases of about 52 x 35 x 19 cm – 7.48 x 13.77 x 20.47 inches) 
• MEDIUM (for suitcases of about 62 x 42 x 27 cm – 24.40 x16.53 x 10.63 inches) 
• LARGE (for suitcases of about 72 x 43 x 30 cm – 28.34 x 16.93x 11.81 inches) 

ITATI® SuitcaseCover is the perfect gift idea for yourself or your globetrotter friends!