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ITATI masks are filtering and for civil use, made with 3 layers of fabric.
The central layer, a membrane in polyester, is composed of thousands of tiny pores, which prevent water from penetrating and at the same time allow perspiration.

General features of the mask:

- Fabric used: soft shell (3 layers with intermediate polyester membrane)
- Washable 50 times at 50°C
- One size
- Unisex
- Suitable for civil use

- Wash before use
- The fabrics used meet OEKO-TEX® standards
- Made in Italy
- Eco-friendly
- Reusable up to 50 times.

Characteristics of the fabric

Textile composition:
- Outer layer: 82% polyester, 18% elastane
- Inner layer: 82% polyester, 18% elastane
- Intermediate layer (between outer and inner layer): polyester membrane

- Impermeability: water column ≥ 10.000 mm (ISO 20811)
- Transpiration: ≤ 10 m2Pa/W (ISO 11092)
- Air permeability: ≤ 1 mm/sec. (EN ISO 9237)
- Water repellency: spray test ≥ 90 (AATCC - UNI EN 24920)

CARE/MAINTENANCE - Wash and disinfect the mask daily. We recommend to wash it in the washing machine with at 50°C and laundry detergent for cleaning and disinfecting the mask.
If washing in the washing machine is not possible, the mask can be immersed in a basin with hot water and soap, using a stick to mix and avoid splashing.
Since the mask is made of polyester, drying will take place quickly. Do not iron.